Retail Packaging

Colorful Retail Packaging of high quality products for your garden center, supply yard, nursery, co-op or retail store. A perfect program that will grab the attention of your customers and increase your sales.

Diamond Grass Seed

Premium Retail Seed, with your logo

Diamond grass seed is the ideal retail program with eye-catching bags in six viberant colors that are designed to move off your shelves and out your door. The bags have high quality grass seed on the inside and step-by-step planting instructions on outside along with custom labeling of your business name on the bag and tag.

Enviroscape Lawn Starter Blanket

Retail Erosion Control Blankets, with anchor pins

Enviroscape Lawn Starter Blanket is ideal for home owners and smaller jobs. Each roll contants 200 square feet of 100% highest quality degradable straw along with bio-degradable anchor pins. Also available in a display box with a large colorful sticker on the front. There are 9 rolls per box and it only tkes up 2″ x 2″ of floor space.


Premium Seed Mix, Mulch & Starter Fertilizer

PATCH-A-LAWN is your premium All-In-One Seeding Kit. The perfect one step combination grass seed, fertilizer and mulch product! Just spread it on top of loose soil and water.​

100% top quality components: 70% Wood Fiber Mulch with tackifier, 15% Slow Release Starter Fertilizer & 15% Premium Perennial Grass Seed Mixture.

  • Easy instructions
  • Covers over 260 sq. ft.
  • Your customized logo on every bag
  • More seed than the other leading brands
  • Includes tackifier to bond Patch-A-Lawn to soil.
  • Customized point of sale brochures with your logo
  • Eagle Seeds BroadSide

    Fall Food Plot Mixture

    Eagle Seeds BroadSide is a fall food plot mixture that attacts and holds deer during each phase of the hunting season. Soybeans for early season, radishes for pre-rut, wheat for rut and turnips for late season. A 25 pound bag cover a quarter of an acre.


    Pure Wheat Straw, 99% Weed Free

    MIGHTY FINE STRAW is the ideal cover for your seeding project. The loose fine straw is easy to spread and transport with no messy straw in your car. The 2.65 cubic feet of 100% pure wheat straw is 99% weed free and covers up to 500 square feet. Straw is one of the best ways to hold moisture in the soil for good seed germination. The added tackifier helps hold straw in place and control eroision.


    100% Processed wheat straw, premium seed, organic fertilizer

    Combination: 73% Straw, 18% seed, 9% fertilizer

    • Straw promotes moisture retention and protects against erosion
    • Fast green repair seed mix
    • Organic fertilizer 5-4-3
    • 11 lb. bag covers 200 sq. ft.
    • 28 lb. bag covers 600 sq. . ft.
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • No clean up
    Simply prepare the surface and apply the lawn repair mix over the surface. Grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier and straw in one bale – packaged for cleanliness in your store or vehicle.
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